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ISBANK Kosovo - Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

ISBANK Kosovo - Chief Risk Officer (CRO)Full Time / Prishtina

Job Description

ISBANK Kosovo Branch is looking for an agile and detail-oriented executive to join their team as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) as a member of the management team. This position will be responsible for all aspects of risk management at the Bank. The CRO will provide executive-level guidance to the Bank by identifying and advising on mitigation efforts regarding the most significant risks including operations, credits, financial exposures and activities including credit, market, liquidity, operational, governance, information technology, and reputational risks. The position will be interacting with other departments to monitor all aspects of risk management at the Bank.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities include, but not limited to;

  • Ensuring the design and the implementation of the risk management system and bank’s risk governance framework, including the bank's risk culture, risk appetite/tolerance and risk limits, in line with the CBK Regulation.
  • Participating in the design, selection, implementation and pre-approval of risk measurement models, regularly reviewing the models and making necessary changes.
  • Preparing periodic risk reports and analyzing measurement results using risk measurement models and methodologies.
  • Identifying material individual, aggregate and emerging risks.
  • Providing that the quantifiable risks remain within the determined limits and monitoring the use of these limits.
  • Providing regular and timely reporting of risk measurement and risk monitoring results to the relevant authorities.
  • Calculating the economic capital requirement for all financial and non-financial risks that the bank may be exposed to in terms of asset-liability items, in the light of international best approaches.
  • Establishing a comprehensive approach to conduct and implementation of stress tests, in line with the CBK Regulations.
  • Continuously monitoring the risk-taking activities and risk exposures in line with the bank's risk appetite approved by the Board, monitoring the risk limits and corresponding capital or liquidity needs, in line with the CBK Regulations.
  • Establishing an early warning system or dashboard to monitor levels and possible violations or risk tolerance or defined risk limits and thresholds, in line with the CBK Regulations.
  • Working in coordination with the relevant units in risk-adjusted return on capital calculations using economic capital.
  • Verifying and registering all models that affect the bank's decision-making processes, and reporting the results.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the developments in risk management techniques and practices and reporting within the Bank on their applicability in the organization.
  • Working on providing the necessary and reliable data accumulation for the application of new techniques.
  • Planning and coordination (including compiling discussion materials) of key senior risk governance committee meetings.
  • Manage the preparation, review, challenge and distribution of executive risk reports on risk developments in the organization for key risk committees and senior management including Board level.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor/Master degree in Business Administration, Banking, Accounting, Finance, or in a relevant discipline.
  • At least 5-year experience in a role directly managing key aspects of risk/control matters in the banking industry.
  • Experience of working with, gathering, reviewing, and compiling risk related information from multiple partners across different functions for management information/regulatory reporting is preferred.
  • Professional capability to implement and adhere to internal policies and procedures   of the Bank.
  • Knowledge and experience in implementing legal and regulatory requirements in banking sector.
  • Experience, competencies and integrity to manage the daily tasks and people under his/her supervision.
  • Knowledge and experience with the International Financial Reporting Standards, particularly IFRS 9.
  • Competency in writing policies and procedures, analytical evaluations, and related items.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office programs is mandatory; also, knowledge of MS SQL is preferred.
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills on Albanian, English and preferably Turkish languages to communicate efficiently between authorities, stakeholders, Head Office and local staff.
  • Excellent organizational, time management and supervisory skills.
  • Valid driving license. 

 Kindly note that it is not mandatory to have a LinkedIn account to proceed further for the application.


Employment Type

Full Time

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