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Isbank Kosovo - Information Technologies Specialist

Isbank Kosovo - Information Technologies SpecialistFull Time / Prishtina

Job Description

The position in IT Department has been structured as a Specialist. The person will be employed in the said position needs to have a background in product development field in business areas. The position will be initial replacement of the existing IT Specialist with additional duties to analyze and test all system features and the new developments in collaboration with our HQ and the Maintenance, Development, and other specific teams will be established for the new projects held by our service provider companies and/or subsidiaries.


  • To be able to set up Apache Tomcat based Java programs into server machines, comprehending software related configurations in this domain (Familiarity with Java 1.7/1.8 and Cobol programming languages is a plus).

  • To handle various IT based integrations such as troubleshooting, networking, security, database connections, server maintenance, keeping up with up-to-date licenses and technologies inside the bank as providing help within hardware and software solutions.

  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills on Albanian, English and preferably Turkish languages to communicate efficiently between authorities, stakeholder IT staff and local branch staff; working as a first level support over hardware and software related issues to channel over related stakeholder teams.

  • Experience in various IT departments and manipulating and analyzing large datasets.

  • High availability via various communication channels and at various times.

  • Proper negotiation and communication also networking skills.

  • Organizational skills, attention to detail, strong work ethic and sense of ownership.

  • Ambitious, energetic team player who is open to growth and development and ready to persistently serve the objective of the team.

  • Valid driving license.


    Employment Type

    Full Time

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